Old City - Focsanii_2018

A cozy city, quiet with a
the strong historical atmosphere.
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The city of Focsani was a toll city, which united the Romanian Country of Moldova. It played an extremely important role 155 years ago in the realization of the historic act of the Union of Romanian Principalities. At one point, it was discussed that Focsani would become the Capital of the Romanian Principalities, which was not done in the latter, because, according to the historians, the city did not have the proper infrastructure or notoriety.
A presentation site of the city of Focsani aiming at highlighting both the architectural richness of the town on Milvoc and its historical load.
Focsani main town from Vrancea county. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Moldova and in Romania. With a strong historical significance, this city is mentioned as a village since the XVII century, and after the 1615 - 1620 is mentioned as a strongtraid fair, beeing a strong commercial center that united the Romanian Country and Moldova.
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